When your phone system integrates with your online collaboration tools – that’s something special. Introducing IPT for Teams.

We all know the benefits of having a business phone system – clever call routing, IVRs allowing callers to route their calls themselves, Direct Dial numbers, and the ability to flow calls to mobiles when you are off-site.

But as an organisation, you’re seeing the benefits of collaborative tools and planning on moving to the new way of working with Microsoft Teams, which enables dialling via devices. But there are some fundamental questions that you need to ask before you do?

Will calls work in the same way via a PBX? Will my call centre be able to have clever call routing to enable best call centre practices? Will the calling plans that come with the product be as cost-effective as my current VoIP product?

So, what can I do to make sure I make the right choice when integrating Microsoft Teams into my business processes?

That’s where IPT for Teams comes in.

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Activate external calling from your Microsoft Teams environment


IPT for Teams is the only Microsoft Teams and Hosted PBX integration in the Irish market. By combining the benefits of a business phone system with the collaborative powers that Microsoft Teams can bring, IPT for Teams is a truly unique solution that moves unified communications to the next level.


“Through IPT for Teams combined with call recording, you can contain the conversation that you had as part of a project within the collaborative space. This means that everyone who needs to know can know as part of the collaborative project”


The capability to combine voice calls into the collaborative space: If you need to review some information on emails and Instant Messaging it’s quite easy – but you can have no record of the phone call you had with someone. Through IPT for Teams combined with call recording, you can contain the conversation that you had as part of a project within the collaborative space. This means that everyone who needs to know can know as part of the collaborative project.

And with call transcription also available reviewing the call can be done as easily as reviewing a document or email in the collaborative space allowing for all conversations and files to be contained in the project space.


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Everybody wins with IPT for Teams


Built for existing businesses… and start-ups: Because IPT for Teams is structured around connecting existing businesses to Teams, the phone numbers associated with your PBX can be directly connected to Microsoft Teams, meaning there’s no need to change phone numbers. If you choose another route to try and integrate Teams with your PBX you may end up with a whole set of new phone numbers that you will have to try and bridge to existing systems – so why duplicate and pay for extra lines?

As a company, if you use the calling plans that come with Microsoft Teams not only will you end up with two different sets of phone bills and providers – you won’t benefit from the rates that come with a VoIP based phone system (such as IP Telecom’s – where all Irish and UK landline calls are free).


Works for those who use teams… and those who don’t: Within a company, we all utilise phone system functionality – but only a subset of colleagues may be MS Teams users, e.g. your sales team may use Salesforce as their CRM whilst the development team use MS Teams to collaborate. Uniquely, IPT for Teams allows you to cater for both without forcing one group to ditch the way they currently do business.

With IPT for Teams, you can also repurpose existing Tech – no need to dispose of existing desk phones and headsets which are compatible with existing VoIP based Hosted PBX. IPT for Teams is device neutral so Mac and iPhone users are fully supported as well.

This is not only of huge benefit to the environment but – when budgets may come under pressure later in the year – is of huge importance to protecting your bottom line.


Location-based handsets: Similarly, if your business requires location-based handsets, e.g. in warehouses, meeting rooms, reception or individual offices IPT for Teams facilitates this.  Conference phones can continue in location and boardroom gatherings can continue with speakers on the table rather than multiple laptops.

As we’ve seen from the Covid-19 pandemic, there are times when we all need to remote work – IPT for Teams allows your direct dial number to ring on your desk phone, mobile (via the App) and laptop simultaneously; All without having to adjust any setups or call flows. When you dial out from any of these devices, your Direct Dial number is presented which unites your work contact point under one number – there literally is no need for a mobile contact number for you. 

Because IPT for Teams calling is carried out via the IP Telecom network if there is another rush to remote working, your calls will flow via our dedicated Tier One business telephone network and so you’ll have peace of mind that calls will flow even if other networks are under pressure. What’s more, there are no changes to setups or call flows required. If you’re remote working it’s as if you’re next to your desk phone. 


This is true unified communication and collaboration in one space: IPT for Teams is just one of the products that we have here at IP Telecom, from Hosted PBX and VoIP based solutions that power your voice communications, to dedicated Call Centre software, Payment Solutions and CRM integrations.  All of which we have built to enable our customers and partners to do business better.

IPT for Teams is available directly from IP Telecom or via our extensive partner network – so why not ask your IT supplier if they can provide you with this solution. And if you are an IT supplier yourself and are interested in providing this solution for your customers, why not get in touch.



IP Telecom is offering a free trial for up to 10 users for 30 days.  You can contact our product specialist for a demo and book a consultation.

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