It’s been a big, positive year both for us, and also for a lot of our loyal customers and partners. Things have grown and accelerated. So the new products, which we’ve launched, and the improvements, which we’ve made to our already popular products, really couldn’t have come at a better time. Here’s just a few of the developments, which may interest you.

Call Centre Functionality

This was specifically designed from our customers’ point of view. It’s incredibly easy-to-use. It takes the pressure off you, whilst you’re trying to work, and it makes your business look superbly efficient, with well-established processes and protocols. And crucially, it’s an addition, which actually helps businesses grow. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Teams PBX Integration

It really does make communicating and collaborating easier than ever before. It’s a user-friendly suite of functions with fully integrated video calling, messaging, VoIP and Microsoft apps. It means your people can have real time conversations to make sure everyone has the information they need, when they need it. That way, everyone’s in the loop and singing from the same song sheet.

Operator Console Pro

Quite simply, this clever product directs calls where they need to go, fast and easily. It creates more advanced call queuing, and it’s completed by some pretty innovative enterprise features. It’s designed to save time, money and patience. In fact, it’s like having a virtual switchboard operator, which means you can get on with the business of running the business.

New Feature - IP Telecom Service Status

We’ve introduced a new feature so that our partners and customers can get instant updates on the status of the IP Telecom network. The page will provide information out the availability of all our services including any scheduled downtime or system maintenance events. This is the best way to get instant updates on the IP Telecom network. You can subscribe and get updates into your inbox.

CRM integrations planned for 2019

We’re happy to be able to say, we’re well on the way to introducing our plans to give you, our valued customer, the best possible experience. You’ll soon be able to enjoy advanced call tracking, easy-to-access customer data, improved management and a lot of other benefits to really help your business flourish.


We’re delighted to be able to report that our new generation of broadband products is almost ready to be unveiled.

We’ve been using a number of our rather demanding and unforgiving IP Telecom team to test the new products for gremlins, and also for reliability, speed and efficiency. And the results have borne out everything we’d aimed for. It’s a real leap forward to help businesses.

We’re now busy working on adding it as an available product in the partner portal, and to make the ordering and provisioning process as easy as possible.

We’re hoping to launch in the first quarter of 2019. So the new year is already revving up, and we’re not even there yet.

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